Fast Fast Fashion (And Modest Too)

Posted on April 11, 2014

It started with Zara.  Soon thereafter came H&M.  Topshop and ASOS have been doing it for a while, as is the fashion-forward way of our UK counterparts.  It is the fastest fashion to happen, and now it is also trending, in a big way.  These companies are pounding out collections to match (and possibly even rival) the likes of Céline, Balmain, Jil Sander, Tibi, Prada and Burberry Prorsum.  It is becoming less a sideways solution, and more de rigueur, to indulge in these fast fashion trends from the most popular chains in the world.  Can’t get your hands on the latest collection from Pheobe Philo?  No worries; get your breezy asymmetrical striped skirt topped with an African inspired pop-art brushstroke print tunic with a quick visit to Zara.  And if it isn’t near exact copies they are providing, at least you can pick up the trends à la mode that you need to complete your seasonal wardrobe checklist.  Sweatshirts, midi skirts, crop tops and fringed everything are all being produced and sold at lightning speed.

Just how fast is it?  Well you better log on quick, because as we speak the full midi skirts at H&M just sold out.  The more avant garde and high octane the look is, the faster it sells out.  It also doesn’t hurt that these pieces are being churned out virtually a couple weeks after the trends are shown on the runways.  It is a spoke in the wheel of instantaneous gratification and consumerism moving us forward, one which is nearly impossible to get off of.  Some may be against the permeation of the runways and deem it a travesty, but I don’t see it that way.  If we can indulge in floral bomber jackets, cool kimonos, larger-than-life midis, and the fringiest accessories around, without breaking our credit card’s sweat, then why not?


Céline Spring 2014

20140408 123840 800x1000 Fast Fast Fashion (And Modest Too)

Zara Printed Dress

Zara Pleated Striped Skirt

Teatum Jones Spring 2014

20140408 1321581 724x1024 Fast Fast Fashion (And Modest Too)Zara Printed Bomber Jacket

H&M White Stretch Button Down

A.L.C. Spring 2014

20140409 123351 800x800 Fast Fast Fashion (And Modest Too)Topshop Burnout Daisy Scallop Top

Zara Midi Skirt With Belt

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014

20140409 122511 800x800 Fast Fast Fashion (And Modest Too)H&M Blouse

Zara White Lace Skirt


Prada Spring 2014

20140409 1436311 800x800 Fast Fast Fashion (And Modest Too)Zara Studio Dress

Zara Printed Dress

Zara Leather Crossover Sandals With Jewels

Zara Long Sports Socks

The (Modest) Outfit Diaries

Posted on April 1, 2014

It’s been said that a blogger’s outfit not posted is an outfit not worn.  Which means that my daily grind of outfitting myself is completely lost on the blogosphere since it never existed here to begin with.  It sounds like a small slice of sartorial quantum mechanics, yet somehow I get it.  If I wore it, but you didn’t see it, then does it make a sound?

So in an attempt to remedy the situation, I decided to record some of my daily ensemble choices into a theoretical diary of  “What-I-Wore”s for an occasional post.  It has been some time since I have graced the pages of my blog, and my unintentional sabbaticals do cause me some angst.  The itch my fingers feel when I place them on the keyboard is a tell all on its own as to the withdrawal I suffer as a result of my absence; a writer needs to write.  Thus, I will try to make up for the lost time in spades and present a compilation with the first batch of outfits I wore as of late.

outfit diary 18 800x600 The (Modest) Outfit Diariesoutfit diary 12 800x533 The (Modest) Outfit Diariesoutfit diary 11 800x533 The (Modest) Outfit Diariesoutfit diary 16 800x600 The (Modest) Outfit Diariesoutfit diary 115 800x600 The (Modest) Outfit Diariesoutfit diary 17 800x600 The (Modest) Outfit Diariesoutfit diary 19 800x600 The (Modest) Outfit Diariesoutfit diary 110 800x600 The (Modest) Outfit Diaries


Shirtdress Styling: The MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress + FLASH SALE!!

Posted on March 10, 2014

One of my favorite articles of clothing has always been a classic Shirtdress.  With a take on menswear I cannot resist, I am always on the hunt for different colors and versions of this staple.  It is a chic minimalist aesthetic that can transition seamlessly from Fall to Spring, and can be dressed up or down.  In the world of Fashion, a piece that can be transformed so easily to suit any situation is superlative, and thus invaluable.

So you can imagine my excitement when the MIMU girls created the MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress.  Combining the cool factor of your husband’s favorite button-down, with the perennially perfect choice of denim, the result is a major revelation for your closet.  It also doesn’t hurt that it is comfortable; something we all look for when getting dressed.

I styled it to emulate a rocker chic vibe, and paired the dress with leather leggings, booties, and a motorcycle jacket.  I belted it, wore a black turtleneck underneath, topped it off with a silver collar, and flipped my cuffs up to emphasize the layering.  I love the longer length in the back, not to mention the pockets…pockets are everything.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of their spring line, and I have my eyes on the new dresses coming out!

But the best part of this is that MIMU MAXI is having a surprise flash sale any day (this $72 dress will be $40!). Get on their e-mail list at to get the details soon!

Mimu maxi jean husband dress 800x600 Shirtdress Styling: The MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress + FLASH SALE!!    Dress: MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress / Leather Jacket: Zara sim / Leggings: American Apparel / Turtleneck: BCBG / Booties: Saint Laurent / Belt: Chanel / Silver Collar: Nicholas via Intermix sim / Sunnies: Prada / Hair: MazaliIMG 4777 800x771 Shirtdress Styling: The MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress + FLASH SALE!!IMG 4782 800x824 Shirtdress Styling: The MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress + FLASH SALE!!IMG 4778 800x788 Shirtdress Styling: The MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress + FLASH SALE!!           CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FLASH SALE!!! Screen Shot 2014 03 10 at 1.45.03 PM Shirtdress Styling: The MIMU MAXI Jean Husband Dress + FLASH SALE!!


Mad For Plaid (And Denim)

Posted on March 7, 2014

Human Beings are interesting creatures.  We are constantly in pursuit of that which we do not have.  Rarely aware of the Here and Now, we tend to perpetually look forward and yearn for what lies ahead, instead of appreciating and savoring the present moment.  If it is Summer, we detest the heat and long for the days when we can pull our parkas out of storage and skip down the street in boots and tights.  The same thing goes for Winter, as we wait every day for a rise in temperature so we can shed our cumbersome layers and finally be free.  Nonetheless, I find myself somewhat frantic over the fact that winter is coming to a close, and a significant portion of my cold weather wardrobe has gone unworn, and the same feelings usually arise at the end of the Summer, as Fall approaches.

Ergo, due to my mind being set on the future of fashion and meteorology as of late, I forgot to be in the present, and fully appreciate the chill, and all its sartorial advantages.  It is a constant battle between what I already miss from warm seasons past, and what I know I will miss, come Summertime.  This post contains both concepts:  things missed (denim skirts), and to be missed (utterly oversized and über-plaid statement coats).  A mix of emotions captured in one outfit.

The lack of light may make it hard to see the sweater is a navy knit and I liked the monochromatic palette it created when paired with the dark denim, and blue suede shoes.  When I have to wear a coat, I like to achieve two things: an overall look that includes the coat in its persona as a whole, and the ability for the outfit underneath to stand on its own two feet.  In short I want it to achieve fashionable heights with the coat on, as well as off.

IMG 46761 800x879 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)

       Coat: Zara sim and sim and sim / Sweater: Zara sim / Denim Skirt: SevenTwo Denim / Shoes: Jimmy Choo sim/ Collar Necklace: Nicholas via Intermix sim / Hair: Mazali

IMG 4671 800x825 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)IMG 4668 800x766 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)IMG 4687 652x1024 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)

Pick A Color, Any Color…

Posted on February 24, 2014

In a world where our every whim can be tailor made to fit the mood of the moment, it would only make sense that our shoe designers would inevitably follow this bespoke trend, and present us with the opportunity and responsibility of designing our shoes, just the way we like them.  I imagine the novelty of being able to have a say in the design of your designer shoes will never wear off.  Especially in our culture where the pursuit of individuality is almost in tandem with the allusiveness of being one-of-a-kind;  it seems the harder we try to stand out, the more we end up blending in.

Thankfully, the chance of your foot’s lifetime is upon us and both Stuart Weitzman and Manolo Blahnik are offering the option of a customizable pair of shoes.  We’re not talking about your made-to-order Chuck Taylors girls; these are the Blahniks and Weitzmans of your dreams, quite literally, as you pick the heel height and color or print and, presto, you’ve got a shoe.

So go for a pair of The Nudist single-strap stilettos from Stuart Weitzman, or perhaps you prefer the pointy-toed silhouette of the Manolo Blahnik BB, and make your mark with your very own customized pair.

sw x you 800x800 600x600 Pick A Color, Any Color...773b4d3621162b1f ManoloBlahnikCustomBBBoutiquePOST Pick A Color, Any Color...