The Labels I Live In

Posted on May 19, 2015

Pregnancy can be hard.  Uncomfortable.  Heartburn ridden, and swollen.  But that will never be able to negate the fact that we still just want to be fabulous.  With a growing uterus in the way, there are a myriad of maternity options out there to suit any body type.  Yet even with all of these antepartum fashion needs taken into consideration, some girls vehemently decline the maternity motif within their own wardrobes, in search of something more like what they wore before the baby belly.  What’s a modestly expectant girl to do when in need of some sartorial solace for the next 9 months?  These are the labels I have been living in for (almost) 40 weeks, and will continue to don ever after.  That’s the benefit of finding clothing that is not necessarily designated for the pregnant belly brigade;  you can continue to wear them regardless of your maternal state of being.

The Frock NYC

IMG 6570 800x795 The Labels I Live In         YRM in WhiteIMG 6580 800x950 The Labels I Live In IMG 6607 800x1024 The Labels I Live In IMG 2073 800x800 The Labels I Live In          YRM in BlackIMG 2057 800x800 The Labels I Live In IMG 2080 800x800 The Labels I Live In IMG 2090 800x800 The Labels I Live In         IMG 0534 800x800 The Labels I Live In             Silky T DressIMG 05551 800x754 The Labels I Live In IMG 6551 800x808 The Labels I Live In             Silky T Dress IMG 6540 800x839 The Labels I Live In IMG 6525 800x818 The Labels I Live In


IMG 6613 800x859 The Labels I Live In       Cascade Dress in WhiteIMG 6636 800x883 The Labels I Live In IMG 6630 800x744 The Labels I Live In IMG 6632 800x898 The Labels I Live In IMG 1627 800x800 The Labels I Live In            MIMU Smock Dresses

IMG 0591 Version 2 The Labels I Live In

Project 6 NY

     IMG 6668 800x877 The Labels I Live In        Sache Dress IMG 6670 800x818 The Labels I Live In IMG 6639 800x777 The Labels I Live In IMG 6656 800x786 The Labels I Live In                                  Headpiece: My Mother’s ArmoireIMG 0487 800x800 The Labels I Live In      Maaya Dress

IMG 0492 Version 2 620x1024 The Labels I Live In

Zara and H&M

IMG 6416 762x1024 The Labels I Live In                 Zara Poncho

IMG 6420 771x1024 The Labels I Live In IMG 1476 768x1024 The Labels I Live In

                          Zara Embroidered Maxi Dress

IMG 1969 768x1024 The Labels I Live In                               Zara Studio Dress

IMG 6424 768x1024 The Labels I Live In                            Zara Vest

IMG 6425 737x1024 The Labels I Live In IMG 2050 Version 2 The Labels I Live In                                       Zara Printed Dress

IMG 8884 The Labels I Live In

           H&M Shirt Dress

IMG 0728 800x800 The Labels I Live In                           H&M Trench worn as dress

IMG 8858 The Labels I Live In

                H&M Sweater Dress and Leather Pants / Adorna Hat

Rag and Bone and Belly

Posted on April 23, 2015

I love this sweater not pregnant, and I continue to express those sentiments well into my third trimester.  The loose fit allows it to work for both states, pregnant and not, and this skirt I have been able to wear under my belly throughout my maternity days, thankfully.  It really is about just sifting through your wardrobe until you find the pieces that can accommodate the need for more room, so to speak.

IMG 6518 800x813 Rag and Bone and Belly

     Sweater: Rag and Bone sim (on sale!) / Skirt Olivaceous / Shoes: Converse / Hair: Mazali by Fortune Wigs / Sunglasses: Fendi via GaffosIMG 6517 783x1024 Rag and Bone and BellyIMG 6500 800x843 Rag and Bone and BellyIMG 6505 800x858 Rag and Bone and Belly

Cargo Jacket Maternity

Posted on April 1, 2015

A combination of factors have been impeding on my immediate ability to do new outfit posts, but I hope to remedy that posthaste.  Moving to a new location with unfamiliar territory, I find it difficult to carve out the perfect photo-op spot.  That being said, I schlepped to the far reaches of Long Island and took the opportunity to document my #OOTD.

I have never been one to buy maternity clothing.  I do not love the selection or designs (with a few exceptions to be discussed in a future post), and I find I can make do with a non-maternity wardrobe in almost the same capacity as a maternity specific one.  Jackets are a great way to create a simple outfit from bare basics and take it up a notch.  Assembling a collection of jackets, blazers, and any number of toppers is a great investment in the chicness of your future.  I have worn this particular cargo version many times, and it serves me equally well, both pregnant and not.

IMG 6490 800x984 Cargo Jacket Maternity

Cargo Jacket: Rag & Bone sim / Nude Shell: Kiki Riki in Camel/ Skirt: MIMU MAXI in Natural / Boots: Nine West (old) sim / Sunglasses: FendiIMG 6489 776x1024 Cargo Jacket MaternityIMG 6488 793x1024 Cargo Jacket MaternityIMG 6493 786x1024 Cargo Jacket Maternity

Modestly Frozen

Posted on January 8, 2015

It would be superfluous to talk about the temperature at this point, considering it is physically impossible for the cold to escape anyone’s attention.  Just in case you are lounging luckily in warmer climates, the news is it’s freezing here.  The past two days have required a cumbersome amount of layering, to no avail; it is still an environment conducive to hypothermia.

I went in very different style directions on each of these days, but I started both outfits with an ample chunky knit sweater, and built from there.  A couple of layers later, and I was ready to bear the cold with a new appreciation for central heating, and extra hot vanilla lattes.

IMG 63721 800x923 Modestly Frozen

Fur Jacket: Vintage sim / Sweater: Faith Connexion / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Charles Jourdan / Sunglasses: Celine via GaffosIMG 63781 800x949 Modestly FrozenIMG 6349 800x983 Modestly FrozenIMG 6379 497x1024 Modestly FrozenIMG 6319 711x1024 Modestly Frozen

Blanket Scarf: Zara sim / Blanket Cape: Zara sim / Sweater: ASOS / Skirt: Zara / Boots: GucciIMG 6325 709x1024 Modestly FrozenIMG 6313 711x1024 Modestly Frozen

Shells (and Maxis)

Posted on December 26, 2014

It is a common and revered staple for every modest girl’s wardrobe and we are always keeping our eyes open for the most perfect version of this foundation piece: The Shell.  I have steered away from using it as a top on its own as of late, but it has not become any less integral for me and my dressing needs.  For reasons of tznius (modesty), a shell provides the necessary inches for covering elbows and collarbones, and proves invaluable in completing certain pieces in our closets.  What’s a girl to do if her favorite vintage maxi is sleeveless?  Or she needs a basic layer to don under a blazer and scarf combo?  And so the shell remains a beloved item in our lives, for the simple reason that it allows us to wear the otherwise impossible, and grants us a degree of sartorial freedom.

When I tried the CHI CHI shells, I found them to be soft, with a generous stretch, and provided the perfect coverage for the dresses I was wearing.  When I try a shell for the first time, I want comfortable sleeves for my on-the-go life as a ‘Yiddishe Mama‘ (as my friend Sharon of Fashion-Isha puts it), and that it yields a seamless blend with the clothing I am topping it with.  The CHI CHI shells fulfilled those requisites and were simply a relief to have in my closet when I needed to grab a layer and run.

IMG 6293 757x1024 Shells (and Maxis)

Dress: Vintage (My Mother’s Armoire) / Shell: CHI CHI IMG 6288 753x1024 Shells (and Maxis)IMG 62581 775x1024 Shells (and Maxis)Dress: Tibi / Shell: CHI CHIIMG 62621 782x1024 Shells (and Maxis)IMG 62451 749x1024 Shells (and Maxis)