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IMG 1849 T.G.I.M(odest)Blouse: Zara / Skirt: Asos / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Belt: Stella McCartney / Hair:  Made by my mother
IMG 1833 T.G.I.M(odest)
IMG 18501 T.G.I.M(odest)
IMG 1852 T.G.I.M(odest)

IMG 1840 T.G.I.M(odest)

I love this outfit.  It contains all the key elements of classic chic: The white blouse, the midi, nude heels, and an accessory to add some interest, such as this gold plated belt.

It also has an easy feeling when I am wearing it.  The skirt is soft and comfortable, and the length ensures I don’t need to worry it will expose anything when sitting down or bending (which happens a lot when you have toddlers).

Have a great Shabbos and weekend everyone!