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Because This Is Spring

These are two outfits this week that I felt epitomized Spring in one way or another.  I was trying to find the common thread between them, but I was unable to find anything concrete enough to give the topic any air.  So after a short deliberation over the subject matter, I realized that the similarity between the two of them is simply their seasonal appropriateness.  It is finally Spring, and as long awaited as it was, it was well worth it.  And there are outfits to prove it.

The first ensemble is semi-reminiscent of the D&G Spring 2010 RTW collection, which featured humongous tiered skirts, denim shirts, and eyelet everywhere.  The second features a current wardrobe favorite of mine: the sleeveless trench.  It is incredibly versatile, and I plan on wearing it as long as the weather remains tepid enough for me to withstand the layering.

IMG 5218 760x1024 Because This Is Spring                        Denim Shirt: Anthropologie / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Alexander WangIMG 5216 753x1024 Because This Is SpringIMG 5242 800x774 Because This Is SpringIMG 5246 778x1024 Because This Is Spring                         Sleeveless Trenchcoat: H&M / Skirt: Tibi (Use Code FRIENDS25) / Mules: TibiIMG 5284 720x1024 Because This Is SpringIMG 5278 750x1024 Because This Is SpringIMG 5268 800x972 Because This Is Spring


At The Ankle

We have all grown to know and love the midi length in our lives.  It is obsessively hunted, purchased, worn, and posted the world over, and it seems to be the sartorial staple of the year.  But it may need to move its fabulous self over a tad to make room for the new new length: the ankle length.  If you thought it couldn’t get any chicer, think again.  Ankle length skirts are resurfacing and they are fresher than ever, in the form of ball gown skirts, pleats, and dresses.  The perfect necessary space for showcasing the shoes, ankle grazing skirts and dresses are ladylike, yet maintain their cool factor and remain current.  And while I can’t say I’ve moved on from the midi just yet, I can’t help but indulge in this trend right now.


IMG 5066 695x1024 At The Ankle

T Shirt: Theory / Denim Jacket: Zara sim / Skirt: RED Valentino / Shoes: Lanvin / Sunnies: Prada

IMG 5073 719x1024 At The AnkleIMG 5122 741x1024 At The AnkleIMG 5047 797x1024 At The Ankle                  Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Suno sim / Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Sunnies: PradaIMG 5051 800x1024 At The Ankle IMG 5206 618x1024 At The Ankle

Dress: Issa / Shoes Aquazzura / Belt: J. CrewIMG 5205 681x1024 At The AnkleIMG 5166 718x1024 At The Ankle

Sweatshirt: LPD New York / Skirt: Charles Henry sim / Mules: Alexander Wang / Sunnies: Tom FordIMG 5165 687x1024 At The AnkleIMG 51871 739x1024 At The Ankle


Mad For Plaid (And Denim)

Human Beings are interesting creatures.  We are constantly in pursuit of that which we do not have.  Rarely aware of the Here and Now, we tend to perpetually look forward and yearn for what lies ahead, instead of appreciating and savoring the present moment.  If it is Summer, we detest the heat and long for the days when we can pull our parkas out of storage and skip down the street in boots and tights.  The same thing goes for Winter, as we wait every day for a rise in temperature so we can shed our cumbersome layers and finally be free.  Nonetheless, I find myself somewhat frantic over the fact that winter is coming to a close, and a significant portion of my cold weather wardrobe has gone unworn, and the same feelings usually arise at the end of the Summer, as Fall approaches.

Ergo, due to my mind being set on the future of fashion and meteorology as of late, I forgot to be in the present, and fully appreciate the chill, and all its sartorial advantages.  It is a constant battle between what I already miss from warm seasons past, and what I know I will miss, come Summertime.  This post contains both concepts:  things missed (denim skirts), and to be missed (utterly oversized and über-plaid statement coats).  A mix of emotions captured in one outfit.

The lack of light may make it hard to see the sweater is a navy knit and I liked the monochromatic palette it created when paired with the dark denim, and blue suede shoes.  When I have to wear a coat, I like to achieve two things: an overall look that includes the coat in its persona as a whole, and the ability for the outfit underneath to stand on its own two feet.  In short I want it to achieve fashionable heights with the coat on, as well as off.

IMG 46761 800x879 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)

       Coat: Zara sim and sim and sim / Sweater: Zara sim / Denim Skirt: SevenTwo Denim / Shoes: Jimmy Choo sim/ Collar Necklace: Nicholas via Intermix sim / Hair: Mazali

IMG 4671 800x825 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)IMG 4668 800x766 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)IMG 4687 652x1024 Mad For Plaid (And Denim)


Denim and Leather and Fur, Oh My

IMG 3764 Denim and Leather and Fur, Oh My

Jacket: Theory / Shirt: [BLANKNYC] / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Charles Jourdan / Necklace: Express sim / Sunnies: Prada / Hair: Mazali

IMG 3775 Denim and Leather and Fur, Oh My

IMG 3770 Denim and Leather and Fur, Oh My

IMG 3774 Denim and Leather and Fur, Oh My
IMG 3777 Denim and Leather and Fur, Oh My

Thank goodness for Zara.  This past season they have exceeded what anyone expected of them, and joined the ranks of the high fashion industry in full force.  All the trends of the new season, wrapped up in a mainstream shopping experience for the masses.  Included in this relatively consumer-friendly fashion evolution is this skirt (and a number of similar faux leather pieces).  It is the perfect rich brown I knew I needed for this fall, yet I also foresee it transitioning flawlessly into spring.

I showed these fur booties here, and I am obsessed with them.  I imagine I can wear them with almost any ensemble.  They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but to me they’re everything.

Happy Fall to you!