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Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)

Fall is beloved.  We pine for it, plan for it, shop and blog for it.  It can also allow us a wider margin of options within our modest closets, and for that we are grateful.  Yet somehow in our haze of crunching leaves, crisp air, and our favorite knit, we tend to forget that too soon after Autumn comes Winter.  The trends remain, but the large (albeit fabulous) coat thrown over can slightly obscure our efforts at achieving sartorial freedom.  So while the chill is still tolerable, now is the time to indulge in the best of the Fall fashion we’ve been coveting.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve worn a few of my favorite trends of the season, including stark white shirtdresses, fall florals paired with paper-thin turtlenecks, monochromatic chunky sweater and leather skirt combo worn with suede boots for texture, and matching printed separates.

IMG 5858 679x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)

Shirtdress: Theory Runway / Hat: H&M / Belt: Chanel / Booties: Christian Louboutin / Sunglasses: FendiIMG 5878 693x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)IMG 5870 700x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)IMG 5930 722x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)

Turtleneck: BCBG / Skirt: RED Valentino / Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Sunglasses: Celine via GaffosIMG 59442 686x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)IMG 5942 729x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)IMG 5986 768x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)

Sweater: Zara / Skirt: Zara / Boots: Nine West / Sunglasses: Celine via GaffosIMG 7828 800x974 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)IMG 5976 715x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)

Blouse and Skirt: both Giambattista Valli / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Sunglasses: Prada via GaffosIMG 5978 708x1024 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)

Shop It:

Recently Updated35 800x640 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)        Theory Runway Diaz Shirt Dress

ASOS WHITE Cotton Shirt Dress

Recently Updated36 800x640 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)             H&M Floral Midi Skirt

Warehouse Siren Floral Midi Skirt

Recently Updated341 800x640 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)            Zara Cable Stitch Sweater

Zara Faux Leather Midi Skirt

Recently Updated37 800x640 Fall Trends To Try (Before Winter Takes Over)

                     A.L.C. Schoolly Top / A.L.C. Bell Skirt

ASOS BLACK Sequin Top / ASOS BLACK Sequin Embellished Midi Skirt


MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in ‘White Sight’

Part of what makes those special pieces in my closet so significant is there ability to transition seasonally, and an element of the unexpected.  This skirt from MIMU MAXI embodies all of these things and more.  I like to dress with an ounce of drama so the color, and length of this skirt gave me exactly what I was looking for.  While it was designed with Spring in mind, bringing out the lighter colors for Fall is on my list for the cooler season ahead, and I cannot wait to pair it with boots, for a quintessential layering effect.

I wanted to do so many things with this skirt and had a plethora of outfits in my mind, but I narrowed it down.  Ranging from rocker chic, to buttoned up in a blazer, and a sweatered ensemble I cannot wait to wear come colder times, this skirt stood up to the test of style and season.

IMG 5767 800x1013 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

Leather Jacket: Zara / Skirt (worn throughout): MIMU MAXI / Fringe T Shirt: Stella McCartney / Shoes: Tibi simIMG 5766 800x1006 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 5762 800x981 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 57771 745x1024 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

Sweater: A.L.C. / Booties: Charles JourdanIMG 5789 772x1024 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 5768 762x1024 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

IMG 5806 800x999 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

Jacket: H&M / Blouse: H&M / Booties: GivenchyIMG 58371 800x962 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 58401 800x997 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight



Liminal Leather

When I wore these outfits I felt somewhat confident I was portraying Spring/Summer ensembles. Loading them onto my laptop made me feel like they may belong to a cooler season, and should be worn in the Fall and Winter. Which can only mean one thing: Leather is one of those things that ultimately exists without the encumbrance of season. It can be successfully executed in any weather, any time of year. Some may drop it during the warmer months, but the almost incongruous feel it lends to Summer makes me want to wear it even more. An appropriate shoe helps ground this look and bring it back to your respective season. So swap the knits on top for something lighter, or wear this skin in a color, and it can look completely contemporary even when the temperature rises.

IMG 5619 800x1019 Liminal Leather

Leather Shift: Elegance / Shirt: J. Crew / Shoes: AquazzuraIMG 5601 774x1024 Liminal LeatherIMG 5602 773x1024 Liminal LeatherIMG 5534 800x959 Liminal Leather

Shirt: Anthropologie: Skirt: ASOS sim / Shoes: Alexander WangIMG 5499 800x998 Liminal LeatherIMG 5506 788x1024 Liminal LeatherIMG 5467 800x1021 Liminal Leather

Kimono: H&M / Shell: Kiki Riki / Skirt: River Island / Shoes: Jimmy Choo IMG 5469 800x981 Liminal LeatherIMG 5480 800x1014 Liminal LeatherIMG 5463 800x1002 Liminal Leather

Jacket: Lucy Paris / Skirt: H&M sim / Shoes: ConverseIMG 5446 800x1010 Liminal LeatherIMG 5449 800x1004 Liminal Leather

Shop The Look:

leather skirts summer Liminal Leather

Image Map

1. River Island Light Pink Leather Pencil Skirt

2. Tibi ‘Pavement’ Faux Leather Midi Skirt On Sale

3. Warehouse Mint Leather Full Midi Skirt On Sale

4. Zara Snakeskin Pencil Skirt On Sale


The Cargo Jacket

From all the spring sartorial essentials, the jacket is probably the most versatile and practical piece in your closet.  With the power to complete and sharpen any outfit, whilst providing an obvious meteorological vantage point, it is a building block within the foundations of your wardrobe that should not be overlooked.  As of late, I have been repeatedly reaching for a particular version of jacket in the utilitarian family: The cargo jacket.  Maybe it is influenced by the fact that I still reminisce about the times when I used to wear my father’s old IDF uniform shirt in high school.  Or it could just be that it is so manifestly cool, it willingly transforms any outfit into a street style star.


tumblr mm1jm076QC1qfn79co1 r1 1280 682x1024 The Cargo Jacket  viacoat Jessica Lo 477 military jacket The Cargo Jacketviamain.original.585x0 The Cargo JacketviaLEEOLIVEIRA 12P139web The Cargo JacketviaIMG 5290 800x1012 The Cargo Jacket

          Jacket (worn throughout): Rag and Bone / Dress: H&M / Shoes: AltuzarraIMG 5291 800x994 The Cargo JacketIMG 5287 800x1012 The Cargo JacketIMG 5316 800x1006 The Cargo Jacket

      Dress: H&M / Shoes: AltuzarraIMG 5320 800x1021 The Cargo JacketIMG 5322 800x793 The Cargo JacketIMG 5349 772x1024 The Cargo Jacket

        Shirt: Zara sim / Skirt: River Island / Sneakers: ConverseIMG 5351 796x1024 The Cargo JacketIMG 5366 769x1024 The Cargo JacketRecently Updated29 791x1024 The Cargo Jacket

1. Mod Cloth Cargo Jacket

2. Zara Jacket with Shoulder Applique

3. Lily Aldridge for Velvet Ruby Jacket

4. Rag and Bone Ohara Jacket


Because This Is Spring

These are two outfits this week that I felt epitomized Spring in one way or another.  I was trying to find the common thread between them, but I was unable to find anything concrete enough to give the topic any air.  So after a short deliberation over the subject matter, I realized that the similarity between the two of them is simply their seasonal appropriateness.  It is finally Spring, and as long awaited as it was, it was well worth it.  And there are outfits to prove it.

The first ensemble is semi-reminiscent of the D&G Spring 2010 RTW collection, which featured humongous tiered skirts, denim shirts, and eyelet everywhere.  The second features a current wardrobe favorite of mine: the sleeveless trench.  It is incredibly versatile, and I plan on wearing it as long as the weather remains tepid enough for me to withstand the layering.

IMG 5218 760x1024 Because This Is Spring                        Denim Shirt: Anthropologie / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Alexander WangIMG 5216 753x1024 Because This Is SpringIMG 5242 800x774 Because This Is SpringIMG 5246 778x1024 Because This Is Spring                         Sleeveless Trenchcoat: H&M / Skirt: Tibi (Use Code FRIENDS25) / Mules: TibiIMG 5284 720x1024 Because This Is SpringIMG 5278 750x1024 Because This Is SpringIMG 5268 800x972 Because This Is Spring