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The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspired

This season it seems the ultimate style staple may very well be The Sweatshirt.  The street style arena has been filled with this particular piece, and it is just the coolest top we could have ever prayed for.  It is casually classic but most importantly it is unexpected;  who would have foreseen this barrage of sweatshirt-meets-chic skirt pairings taking over the streets?  In fashion, the unpredictable serves us well and we are always thinking up newer elements of surprise.  This one is perfect and definitely fits the bill, by sitting squarely between being dressed up and dressed down.  The printed options are popular but you can achieve the look with equal panache by donning a plain old sweat-top.  Wear it alone, or layered over a button-down, and pair it with leather pencils or full midis for that cool-girl style we can’t get enough of.


1z 677x1024 The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspiredsweatshirt street style The Sweatshirt: Modestly InspiredSweatshirt mix The Sartorialist The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspiredivelina 7 20121028 1039290913 The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspiredkenzo mcx paris day 4 street style 05 lgn The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspiredhbz LFW street style 091712 08 de The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspiredhbz LFW street style 091712 02 de The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspired

IMG 4276 800x912 The Sweatshirt: Modestly InspiredSweatshirt: Tibi / Button Down Shirt: Zara sim / Skirt: Tibi / Shoes: Pierre Hardy / Oversized Clutch: Clare Vivier / Sunnies: Prada / Hair: MazaliIMG 4256 800x967 The Sweatshirt: Modestly InspiredIMG 4269 795x1024 The Sweatshirt: Modestly InspiredIMG 4285 800x987 The Sweatshirt: Modestly Inspired

T.G.I.M. (Thank G-d It’s Modest)


IMG 0469 T.G.I.M. (Thank G d Its Modest)Shirt: Zara / Skirt: Asos / Necklace: Ruti Horn / Shoes: Pierre Hardy : Sunglasses: Prada
IMG 0471 T.G.I.M. (Thank G d Its Modest)
IMG 0475 T.G.I.M. (Thank G d Its Modest)
IMG 0449 T.G.I.M. (Thank G d Its Modest)
IMG 0450 T.G.I.M. (Thank G d Its Modest)I’m going to initiate a weekly Friday post and I’m calling it, as you can see, Thank G-d It’s Modest (or more aptly named T.G.I.M.) and I’m sure the play on words is not lost on you (TGIF?).

I traveled to Long Island for the weekend and it is a nice change from Brooklyn.  There is an eiruv here, meaning we can carry on Shabbos, and I love it because I can take my kids for a walk and to the park.  In Brooklyn it’s a problem pushing my stroller according to the laws of Shabbos, because of the lack of an eiruv.

Anyway on to the fun stuff…

I love this outfit, and I think the leather skirt and button down shirt meld together so beautifully.
The Ruti Horn necklace is everything.  It’s so charming and I have been waiting for the perfect outfit to don it.  As for the heels, they are very on trend, and the ankle strap is being shown everywhere.  And for good reason; it is the epitome of minimalist chic.

Have a fabulous Shabbos and weekend!