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This One’s For You

In an act of what felt like self preservation at the time, I decided to shut down my blog, instinctively turning to the hope that visually receding was the best antidote when faced with antagonization.

After much inspiration, deliberation, and trepidation, I am restoring order and returning to the blogosphere.

I am doing this for one reason.
I had the privilege to experience empathy and kindness in numbers that took me by surprise.  So to the ladies who supported me, whose words brought tears to my eyes, and restored my faith, I thank you.

And this one’s for you.

IMG 3361 695x1024 This Ones For You
Shirt: Zara / Sweatshirt: Zara / Skirt: Peter Pilotto / Shoes: Tom Ford / Sunnies: Tom Ford / Hair: Mazali
IMG 3376 611x1024 This Ones For You
IMG 3373 677x1024 This Ones For You
IMG 3393 673x1024 This Ones For You
IMG 3390 667x1024 This Ones For You

It’s Not a Party Without a Little Pilotto

IMG 19581 Its Not a Party Without a Little Pilotto

Shell: Spanx / Skirt: Peter Pilotto / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Hair: My mother’s

IMG 1972 Its Not a Party Without a Little Pilotto

IMG 1949 Its Not a Party Without a Little Pilotto

IMG 1961 Its Not a Party Without a Little Pilotto


Today was the party for my son’s 3rd birthday, which we call an Upsherin.  Typically, it is customary to do the actual hair-cutting at this event, however we completed the task beforehand (which I wrote about here).  My son does not feel comfortable with large crowds of attention focused on him, so we felt it better to give him a stress-free environment during his first cut, and kept it to just myself, my husband and his baby sister, and he did great.

So today was time for him to simply party and live it up like only a 3 year old knows how.I pulled this skirt out of the closet, and I’m glad I had it there waiting to be worn.  All of Peter Pilotto’s pieces are very special, and I love the architectural structure of the skirt, as well as the gorgeous print; both of which are his modus operandi, and why he has become such a sartorial sensation.

pilotto Its Not a Party Without a Little Pilotto