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Rag and Bone and Belly

I love this sweater not pregnant, and I continue to express those sentiments well into my third trimester.  The loose fit allows it to work for both states, pregnant and not, and this skirt I have been able to wear under my belly throughout my maternity days, thankfully.  It really is about just sifting through your wardrobe until you find the pieces that can accommodate the need for more room, so to speak.

IMG 6518 800x813 Rag and Bone and Belly

     Sweater: Rag and Bone sim (on sale!) / Skirt Olivaceous / Shoes: Converse / Hair: Mazali by Fortune Wigs / Sunglasses: Fendi via GaffosIMG 6517 783x1024 Rag and Bone and BellyIMG 6500 800x843 Rag and Bone and BellyIMG 6505 800x858 Rag and Bone and Belly


Cargo Jacket Maternity

A combination of factors have been impeding on my immediate ability to do new outfit posts, but I hope to remedy that posthaste.  Moving to a new location with unfamiliar territory, I find it difficult to carve out the perfect photo-op spot.  That being said, I schlepped to the far reaches of Long Island and took the opportunity to document my #OOTD.

I have never been one to buy maternity clothing.  I do not love the selection or designs (with a few exceptions to be discussed in a future post), and I find I can make do with a non-maternity wardrobe in almost the same capacity as a maternity specific one.  Jackets are a great way to create a simple outfit from bare basics and take it up a notch.  Assembling a collection of jackets, blazers, and any number of toppers is a great investment in the chicness of your future.  I have worn this particular cargo version many times, and it serves me equally well, both pregnant and not.

IMG 6490 800x984 Cargo Jacket Maternity

Cargo Jacket: Rag & Bone sim / Nude Shell: Kiki Riki in Camel/ Skirt: MIMU MAXI in Natural / Boots: Nine West (old) sim / Sunglasses: FendiIMG 6489 776x1024 Cargo Jacket MaternityIMG 6488 793x1024 Cargo Jacket MaternityIMG 6493 786x1024 Cargo Jacket Maternity

The Cargo Jacket

From all the spring sartorial essentials, the jacket is probably the most versatile and practical piece in your closet.  With the power to complete and sharpen any outfit, whilst providing an obvious meteorological vantage point, it is a building block within the foundations of your wardrobe that should not be overlooked.  As of late, I have been repeatedly reaching for a particular version of jacket in the utilitarian family: The cargo jacket.  Maybe it is influenced by the fact that I still reminisce about the times when I used to wear my father’s old IDF uniform shirt in high school.  Or it could just be that it is so manifestly cool, it willingly transforms any outfit into a street style star.


tumblr mm1jm076QC1qfn79co1 r1 1280 682x1024 The Cargo Jacket  viacoat Jessica Lo 477 military jacket The Cargo Jacketviamain.original.585x0 The Cargo JacketviaLEEOLIVEIRA 12P139web The Cargo JacketviaIMG 5290 800x1012 The Cargo Jacket

          Jacket (worn throughout): Rag and Bone / Dress: H&M / Shoes: AltuzarraIMG 5291 800x994 The Cargo JacketIMG 5287 800x1012 The Cargo JacketIMG 5316 800x1006 The Cargo Jacket

      Dress: H&M / Shoes: AltuzarraIMG 5320 800x1021 The Cargo JacketIMG 5322 800x793 The Cargo JacketIMG 5349 772x1024 The Cargo Jacket

        Shirt: Zara sim / Skirt: River Island / Sneakers: ConverseIMG 5351 796x1024 The Cargo JacketIMG 5366 769x1024 The Cargo JacketRecently Updated29 791x1024 The Cargo Jacket

1. Mod Cloth Cargo Jacket

2. Zara Jacket with Shoulder Applique

3. Lily Aldridge for Velvet Ruby Jacket

4. Rag and Bone Ohara Jacket