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Going For The Gold


This is not going to be my last post on the gold trend this season, mainly because I hope it never gets old, but also due to its versatility and fluidity.  A metallic neutral, gold is serving up some major sartorial fodder for us, and I am overusing and abusing this one.  Gucci’s 70′s inspired Spring 2016 collection has provided more than enough encouragement and influence, and I’m blaming it all on the fashion house’s gold mules and pleated skirts, along with their colorful lurex knits.  It doesn’t hurt that almost every piece is modest for the tznius clad.  Love it or not, you can’t deny that gold is the new black .

(I love it.)IMG 7734 800x680 Going For The Gold

             Sweatshirt: Carven / Skirt: Vintage / Shoes: ZaraIMG 7735 800x717 Going For The GoldIMG 7738 800x533 Going For The GoldIMG 0006 2 768x1024 Going For The Gold

         Turtlenack: H&M / Skirt: Haider Ackerman / Shoes: GucciIMG 7737 Going For The Gold

      Top: Vintage via My Mother’s Armoire / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Gucci


Shells (and Maxis)

It is a common and revered staple for every modest girl’s wardrobe and we are always keeping our eyes open for the most perfect version of this foundation piece: The Shell.  I have steered away from using it as a top on its own as of late, but it has not become any less integral for me and my dressing needs.  For reasons of tznius (modesty), a shell provides the necessary inches for covering elbows and collarbones, and proves invaluable in completing certain pieces in our closets.  What’s a girl to do if her favorite vintage maxi is sleeveless?  Or she needs a basic layer to don under a blazer and scarf combo?  And so the shell remains a beloved item in our lives, for the simple reason that it allows us to wear the otherwise impossible, and grants us a degree of sartorial freedom.

When I tried the CHI CHI shells, I found them to be soft, with a generous stretch, and provided the perfect coverage for the dresses I was wearing.  When I try a shell for the first time, I want comfortable sleeves for my on-the-go life as a ‘Yiddishe Mama‘ (as my friend Sharon of Fashion-Isha puts it), and that it yields a seamless blend with the clothing I am topping it with.  The CHI CHI shells fulfilled those requisites and were simply a relief to have in my closet when I needed to grab a layer and run.

IMG 6293 757x1024 Shells (and Maxis)

Dress: Vintage (My Mother’s Armoire) / Shell: CHI CHI IMG 6288 753x1024 Shells (and Maxis)IMG 62581 775x1024 Shells (and Maxis)Dress: Tibi / Shell: CHI CHIIMG 62621 782x1024 Shells (and Maxis)IMG 62451 749x1024 Shells (and Maxis)


What I Wore: MIMU MAXI Cascade Dress

I attended a Chanukah celebration at my kid’s school, and it was the perfect occasion to finally wear my white MIMU MAXI Cascade dress. I am proud to call the MIMU girls my friends, but I also have to say, they do know how to design a versatile and beautiful dress.  This piece served me expertly, as I completed Chanukah projects and decorated donuts, all while covering knees and keeping me chic.

I obsess a perfect white dress to pair with black leather accents for Fall, but this will be equally prodigious in the warmer months ahead; seasonally transcendental, as are most of the MIMU MAXI designs.  A modest fashion girl’s year-round must have.  I was able to keep the rest of the outfit classic with simple accoutrements,  and allow the volume and drape of the dress to stand out.


IMG 6196 699x1024 What I Wore: MIMU MAXI Cascade DressIMG 6200 689x1024 What I Wore: MIMU MAXI Cascade DressIMG 6188 691x1024 What I Wore: MIMU MAXI Cascade DressIMG 6183 704x1024 What I Wore: MIMU MAXI Cascade DressIMG 6194 800x739 What I Wore: MIMU MAXI Cascade Dress


Black and Navy

 By now the alleged fashion faux pas of simultaneously wearing black and navy together has been deemed undeniably antiquated, and completely inaccurate.  Pairing the two creates a fresh, and modern contrast of color, and brings an element of the unexpected, which can prove invaluable when picking your pieces; they don’t need to be detailed or intriguing, simply because the dark disparity of color does all the work.  Subtle, yet effective.  Part of what has been so exciting about fashion recently is the breaking of rules and the license for creativity and expression.  There are not too many sartorial laws that are still applicable at present, and the trends seem to be turning towards a cleaner, unhampered approach to getting dressed.  We are editing our wardrobes to make ourselves happy, rather than to fit a certain mold or style du jour.

I wore this outfit for a Sunday at Barnes & Noble with my kids, and it provided a perfectly comfortable and chic ensemble to chase small children in a teeming bookstore.  The whole outfit felt very 60′s, so I wore my wig with bangs and round oversize sunglasses.

IMG 6034 700x1024 Black and Navy

Dress: Zara / Sunglasses: Tom FordIMG 6039 720x1024 Black and NavyIMG 6022 733x1024 Black and Navy561cc9cde3098dff8c1ca94d5a95e6ca 683x1024 Black and Navy


carine Black and Navy


tumblr ncjthcy9r91rl727go1 1280 682x1024 Black and Navy




DSC3939 532x1024 Black and Navy


Have a fabulous week!


MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in ‘White Sight’

Part of what makes those special pieces in my closet so significant is there ability to transition seasonally, and an element of the unexpected.  This skirt from MIMU MAXI embodies all of these things and more.  I like to dress with an ounce of drama so the color, and length of this skirt gave me exactly what I was looking for.  While it was designed with Spring in mind, bringing out the lighter colors for Fall is on my list for the cooler season ahead, and I cannot wait to pair it with boots, for a quintessential layering effect.

I wanted to do so many things with this skirt and had a plethora of outfits in my mind, but I narrowed it down.  Ranging from rocker chic, to buttoned up in a blazer, and a sweatered ensemble I cannot wait to wear come colder times, this skirt stood up to the test of style and season.

IMG 5767 800x1013 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

Leather Jacket: Zara / Skirt (worn throughout): MIMU MAXI / Fringe T Shirt: Stella McCartney / Shoes: Tibi simIMG 5766 800x1006 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 5762 800x981 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 57771 745x1024 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

Sweater: A.L.C. / Booties: Charles JourdanIMG 5789 772x1024 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 5768 762x1024 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

IMG 5806 800x999 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight

Jacket: H&M / Blouse: H&M / Booties: GivenchyIMG 58371 800x962 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White SightIMG 58401 800x997 MIMU MAXI Skirt Leggings in White Sight